post production made

There are two workflow options you can choose from moving into post.
Both options have their benefits, and both will deliver a high quality finished product.

Flatpass Editor exports a quicktime of entire project at the original resolution and at a high-res format (ex. 3840x2160 Prores 4444). I will then cut that quicktime up into individual shots, grade them, and deliver a fully graded quicktime back.

Source Footage + XML Editor delivers the source footage + XML of the picture-locked timeline. I conform project back to the source and grade. I can then deliver the graded individual shots back to the editor and they’ll re-conform OR I can deliver a full quicktime.

  • more efficient when under a deadline
  • can be delivered via online transfer
  • no room for media management error

  • no generation loss of picture
  • handles are availabile if edit ever needed to be tweaked


Supervised SessionsI love having the director and/or DP in the room because then I get to hear your vision in person.
The specific words you use to describe color and light (even if you have no experience talking about color) will help me immensely as I continue to work on your project after you’ve left the room.

In our initial session we’ll set looks on every scene, grading a wide and medium shot (and any other important angles) from each scene. From there I'll be able to work on my own and match the rest of the shots in the scene to our "hero" shots we graded together. Once I’ve completed the first pass I’ll send out a quicktime for review. I can either receive notes back via email or you can continue to come back in for supervised sessions.


Finishing OptionsDon’t have the system power to finish in 4k? Has your editor moved on to the next project? Need an extra hand dropping in final mix, titles or credits? For an additional fee I can take care of all your finishing needs. We’ll figure out what deliverables you actually need and have a clear gameplan for final delivery.

  • high-resolution individual shots (handles) + XML
  • digital file for streaming
  • blu-ray / DVD
  • DCP (2k or 4k)